‘Growing Right’: The Rise of Ohio’s Ecological Food and Farm Movement, 1970s-Now’  is a dynamic multi-platform public environmental arts and humanities project aiming to spur informed public conversation about the history, present and futures of ecological agriculture in Ohio through the lens of experimental and documentary multi-media production from fieldwork, oral history interviews and photography with a diverse range of players in the movement’s inception.

By translating audio field recordings, site-based portrait and place photography, and oral history and field interviews to a wide public audience through both digital, transmission and analog/pop-up media formats  — a digital humanities interactive website, a portfolio of audio/multi-media documentary shorts — including some to be placed with community radio stations, a longer-term multi-media listening installation, and an ambitious mobile “pop-up” multi-media and sound installation, that will use the model of a farmers’ market booth to travel to farmers’ markets and public venues across Columbus in Summer 2017 — the project aims to historicize our contemporary turn to ‘local foods’ through dynamic conversation around the people, places, issues and grassroots networks that helped shape our current food and farm system in Ohio, and to spur wide-ranging public conversation about Ohio’s interconnected food, health and farm futures.

We also hope the project will model a new sort of “public environmental arts and humanities” practice — whereby principles and best practices from humanities documentation and multi-media and installation arts can come together to provide a powerful, dynamic experience.

All too often, out of a lack of collaboration with media arts and exhibition professionals, the “endpoint” for oral history/audio recording & fieldwork is the archive. Inspired by the urgency of our environmental moment, Growing Right hopes to use multi-media and pop-up/mobile sound & media installation to change that!

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