We’re hosting our full-length oral histories via Growing Right’s YouTube channel — watch @growingrightOHP for updates on when our next oral histories are posted!

Soon, we’ll start to feature fully-indexed versions of our full-length interviews, via the Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History’s Oral History Metadata Synchronizer (OHMS). OHMS will allow Growing Right‘s interviews to be fully text-searchable, and chapter-marked by index themes. So, if you’re doing a research project on vernacular, embodied reactions to chemical pesticide exposure in the 1970s (or if you just want to hear different farmers speak about peaches) either way: you’re in luck!

We’ll also be demo-ing an “oral history to applicants” workflow, whereby we also use OHMS internally to pre-mark segments of our full-length interviews for clipping into multi-media short pieces; for experiment’s sake, we may also leave some of this language in our public-facing indexed interviews via OHMS. We hope this workflow may be replicable for other oral history projects hoping to overcome the publicity barriers of long-form oral history pieces by innovative multi-media and experimental arts strategies for embedded, digital and mobile presentation.

Stay tuned for more!


GROWING RIGHT on YouTube: Full-length oral history interviews

Batch 1: In this set of interviews, meet Mick Luber of Bluebird Farm (Cadiz, Ohio); Ed Perkins of Sassafras Farm (New Marshfield, Ohio); and Harv Roehling of Locust Run Farm (Oxford, Ohio)!

Batch 2: Stay tuned for interviews with The Gregg Family of Gregg Farms [Knox Co., Ohio], Rich & Sally Banfield [Mt. Perry, Ohio], and John and Anne Hohmann of Clearview Farm [Pataskala, Ohio.]!