Growing Right is a living documentation, multi-media and public environmental humanities project. We live here, on the web; but we also deeply believe that the true purpose of oral history and folklife documentation is to be circulated out into the world — to spur deep listening, new considerations and transformative, sometimes troubling encounters.

As such, we think of Growing Right like a mushroom — we’re a deep network of materials and resources, but we also pop-up and embed ourselves in Ohio’s communities and food & farm hotspots to amplify the stories of Ohio’s ecological food and farm movement to spur important conversations about our agricultural and environmental futures.

Check the links below for updates on our Summer 2017 pop-up schedule and our Pilot Pop-Up Launch at the 38th Annual OEFFA Conference in Dayton, Ohio on Feb. 9th, 2017!

We’d love to “pop-up” with you. Contact us to be in touch!