Growing Right is, at heart, a fieldwork project about “sense of place” and ecology — the way our Ohio places, environments, lands and bodies of water have made an impression on the lives and work of Ohio farmers, grocers and food movement advocates. As such, we like to get out there: to see, smell, hear, document, and otherwise experience the places and locations our Ohio ecological farmers call home. Ecology, after all, is about belonging — not the places we own; but the places that claim us, and that we are responsible with and to.

Here’s where we’ve been — and where we hope to go! Have someone you’d like to see interviewed who has made a difference for ecological food and farm work in your county? Drop us a line and let us know!

Check out our regional pages to get a sense of where our Growing Right farmers, grocers and organizers live and work. With whom do you share an ecology?

SUMMER 2016: 

In Summer 2016, we visited with farmers, teachers, activists, gardeners and grocery store proprietors in upwards of sixteen Ohio Counties. The majority of our interviews took place in East-Central Ohio, and in Ohio’s near-Appalachian Counties. We conducted interviews in: Franklin County, Butler County, Allen County, Logan County, Seneca County, Delaware County, Fairfield County, Licking County, Perry County, Athens County, Knox County, Ashland County, Wayne County, Holmes County, Stark County, Harrison County, and Ashtabula County. We also documented farm tours in Ashtabula County, Madison County, and Franklin County.

SUMMER 2017:

In Summer 2017, we’ll be heading out on the road again to interview more leaders in Ohio’s grassroots ecological food and farm movement, with projected interviews in up to seventeen new Ohio Counties — many of them in Southwestern and mid-Northeastern Ohio!

We hope to see you on the road!